How do I add a program online to my existing registration?

Please click here 
You will need to login with the e-mail address that you were registered under.
Select the AFP 2017 Event, and click Save and Continue
There should be a confirmation box recognizing that you are already registered based on your e-mail address login – click OK
Items that you have already selected should appear listed under the Selected Event (and should not display as an option to select on future screens) - click Add Programs

You will have an opportunity to review your profile information.  If you have not already indicated emergency contact or special needs information, then you will need to add that before you can proceed - click Save and Continue

Click on each day listed on the left to select programs for that day.  Some programs have eligibility requirements and are subject to review.

After all selections for the days you will attend have been made - click Save.

Sessions that are at capacity will not be able to be selected.

Items that you are adding should appear, including any applicable fees - click Save & Continue
-If selections do not require additional payment, Thank You for your order should appear and you will receive an e-mail confirmation when completed.
-If selections require additional payment, then you will enter credit card information to complete the transaction - click Submit Payment.  "Thank You" for your order should appear and you will receive an e-mail confirmation when completed.  AFP does not store credit card information.
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